about the way – by the way

The Way is a boutique agency that  develops brands, businesses and organizations.

Our company emphasizes attending to all the customer’s points of contact with the brand, the business or the organization.

We offer a variety of services in the following areas:

  • Developing business and organizational concepts, ranging from analysis and examination of business programs,  to examining the prospects and applicability of business programs,
  • Developing business strategies and offering close accompanying in implementing the business development plan
  • Developing brand, research and marketing strategies
  • Developing verbal and visual brand languages
  • Developing the ‘creative’ aspects, namely, designing, writing, and producing products and tools to facilitate dealing with the brand’s possible customers, including copywriting, graphic design, designing the brand/ business/ organization space, characterizing and designing websites and applications, etc.

In addition, we provide a constant follow up to businesses, organizations, and brand chains in developing, facilitating marketing strategies, and other services as the company requires.

“We create and implement new brand and business experiences”